considering couple counselling?

Have you ever felt unheard by your partner, stuck in bickering arguments which only seem to get worse? Do you feel isolated from the person you are "meant" to be closest to? While facing the pressures of life, the idea of having a happy relationship can sometimes seem impossible. A difficult relationship can make our entire view of the world seem uncertain. The quality of attachment, as enacted through relationships, represents how happy and secure we feel about living and being ourselves. Couple counselling offers a simple structure to look at unmet needs, problematic patterns, providing a map towards establishing the conditions required to enjoy a happy relationship. 


It is normal for one partner to be more interested in seeking support than the other. In couple counselling however, no sides are taken and both participants can expect to be respected and listened to in a non-judgemental environment. Time is put aside during each session to make sure that both partners get a chance to share their responses, in order to help facilitate greater understanding. It is becoming increasingly common for couples to seek the support of a counsellor.

Be more you, together


When it feels like your relationship is the biggest casualty of change in your life, then it's time to start finding better ways to communicate. Couple counselling offers a safe space to express your concerns. With good communication, it becomes easier to build the type of relationship where it feels good to share needs, asks for things, and to make decisions together.  


Most people have difficult times in their relationships, whether it be a change in the size of your family, a new career move or some unexpected bad news. Does it feel like your relationship is unhelpful when it really matters? If so, taking the time to talk about what you need and what your relationship needs can relieve pressure. 

happy & healthy 

Everyone is meant to be happy, and our relationships are perhaps the most important ingredient in achieving this. Couple and family therapy is an opportunity to heal relational ruptures and discuss unmet needs. Having a good relationship can have a positive impact on your well-being. It can really help to invest in your relationship to feel safer both in yourself, and together. 

about Couple therapy 

"The Goal of EFT is to create a more secure emotional bond." - Dr Sue Johnston