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Custom Therapy

By blending the best of humanistic traditions and modern research findings, Bay Counselling aims to deliver a tailor made therapy built around client needs. Choice is important, especially when it comes to getting the right support for you, friends and friends.


What makes Bay Counselling different is that it offers treatments that focus on long-term improvements. By using evidence-based interventions to measure change in therapy you will see how you are progressing throughout therapy, and for up to one year thereafter. 

Our Philosophy

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) holds that everyone has the right to live a full and happy life.

Growth is a lifelong process, and support is available for the times when it feels stuck. The aim is to help people access their emotions, identify their needs and then collaborate to take action, to get life back on track.

What is Bay counselling like? - A client's perspective

It can be hard to answer the question "what is Counselling like?" without it sounding like a sales pitch. Reading what others have experienced can be powerful, and give an insight into what counselling can be like.  Everyone's experience is different, so please don't mistake this as an account of what counselling will definitely be like. 


This year, a former client I worked with suggested the use of testimonials to give people more information. They chose to write one and gave their consent to have their experience shared with you.  A pseudo-name is used to protect our confidentiality agreement. 


“Contacting Richard to arrange a counselling session was actually the hardest part of the process. I had been suffering from depression and anxiety since retiring from a job I loved which gave me immense satisfaction. I realised I needed help when I found myself sitting around in my dressing gown all day, refusing to shower and just watching daytime TV. A panic attack in Edinburgh 9 months before left me so traumatised that leaving the house for more than short periods was impossible.


I didn’t really know what to expect from my first session with Richard. Would he think I was being silly and tell me to pull myself together? Would he be disapproving and judgemental? Not a bit of it. After the first 5 minutes I realised that I had nothing to worry about. He explained the process and told me what to expect from the counselling. Complete confidentiality was promised.


His big question to me was “What do you want to achieve from this process? “ It suddenly crystallised in my mind. “I just want to be OK. I don’t expect to be happy all the time but I want to feel normal.” Over the course of the counselling I cried a lot. Some sessions left me exhausted and I didn’t always feel good after them. But gradually the sun started to come out again and I realised that I was going to be OK in fact more than OK.


At all times I was in control. When and how often we met was totally up to me. If I wanted a break that was fine. When we stopped was also up to me. As it was I instinctively knew when I was finally “OK”. I know he will be there if I need him again but I do not think it will be necessary.


Richard helped me through counselling to come to terms with my past and to realise that my life experiences inform who I am today. And that somebody is very much OK!


I really appreciate what Richard helped me to achieve and I can recommend him to anybody who wants a kind caring and calm counsellor.


Thank you Richard! 

Magz, Fife, 2016.”

What is Emotion-focused Therapy?

"The best way to change emotion, is with another emotion." - Les Greenberg